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I cover women's health, reproductive rights, and gender-based violence.

Huffington Post Highline  ∙  December 18, 2018

Huffington Post Highline December 18, 2018

The Secret Baby Catchers of Alabama

They work in hotel rooms, Airbnbs and secondhand RVs just over the state line, so that women can give birth on their own terms.

The Nation (Print) ∙  April 8th, 2019 Issue (Cover)

The Nation (Print) April 8th, 2019 Issue (Cover)

Meet Mississippi’s Fiercest Advocate for Reproductive Justice

Laurie Bertram Roberts set out to help women get abortions in the country’s most restrictive state. So why is her house filled with diapers? 

The Lily/ The Washington Post ∙ September 19, 2018

The Lily/The Washington Post ∙September 19, 2018

These clinics used to provide abortions. Now they are owned by antiabortion activists

There are 15 former abortion clinics across the U.S. that were purchased by anti-abortion groups and turned into something antithetical to abortion access. I drove 1,500 miles to visit five of them. Here’s what I learned about the state of reproductive rights in America.

Mosaic  ∙ December 5, 2017

Mosaic ∙ December 5, 2017

Who’s in control when you’re giving birth?

Kimberly Turbin wasn’t expecting childbirth to be a pleasant experience, but she wasn’t expecting it to be a nightmare either. On 4 May 2013, she was sitting on the couch at a friend’s house when her water broke.

The Nation ∙  September 18, 2018

The NationSeptember 18, 2018

McDonald’s Workers Walk Out Over Sexual Harassment

Standing outside McDonald’s on St. Charles Rock Road in St. Louis, Missouri, 61-year old Bettie Douglas joined over 100 people in a chant: “Hold the burgers, hold the fries, keep your hands off our thighs.”

NPR  ∙  August 15, 2018   International Women's Media Foundation

NPR August 15, 2018

International Women's Media Foundation

How To Get Women To Trust The Police? 'Gender' Desks

Today, over 400 police stations across Tanzania have Police Gender and Children's Desks, including seven of Zanzibar's 20 police stations. As on Law & Order SVU, these units deploy dedicated, specially trained detectives to handle "sexually-based offenses" like rape, sexual assault and domestic violence.

Wired  ∙  October 5, 2017

Wired October 5, 2017

The Disturbing Rise Of Cyberattacks Against Abortion Clinics

Fatimah Gifford was nervous the day she was scheduled to testify in front of Texas’ Health and Human Services committee. Gifford is the VP of Communications for Whole Woman’s Health, which operates five reproductive healthcare clinics across Texas.

Vice News  ∙  June 27, 2018   The International Reporting Project

Vice News June 27, 2018

The International Reporting Project

The Miracle Clinic

For three decades, Dr. Cynthia Maung has practiced medicine on the Thai-Burmese border and learned the best way to deliver care to women and babies living through conflict and crisis. 

Rewire  ∙ January 22, 2019

Rewire ∙ January 22, 2019

Opening a Reproductive Health Clinic Is Hard. Trump’s Steel Tariffs Make It Even Harder.

When Rebecca Terrell took on the momentous task in 2017 of raising $4.2 million for a groundbreaking new reproductive health-care clinic, she didn’t expect the project would be deeply affected by the Trump administration’s steel tariffs.

Vice/Broadly  ∙  November 22, 2017

Vice/Broadly November 22, 2017

After Reporting Her Rape, a Teen Girl Says She Was Pushed Out of High School

DarbiAnne Goodwin says she was raped off campus during her sophomore year—and when administrators failed to offer her meaningful support following the incident, she felt her only choice was to enroll in an "alternative school."

The New Republic  ∙ September 13, 2017

The New Republic ∙ September 13, 2017

Does Your Insurance Cover Abortion?

A new slew of state laws are aimed at making sure abortion coverage is banned from private health insurance plans—putting the procedure still further out of reach.

Vice News  ∙  March 16, 2017

Vice News March 16, 2017

Abortion Behind Bars

Terminating a pregnancy in prison can be next to impossible

In March 2004, a 19-year-old Arizona woman was sentenced to four months in Maricopa County jail for a DUI, shortly after discovering she was pregnant. She asked for a delay in her sentencing hearing so she could obtain an abortion, but the prosecutor refused.

Vice/Broadly  ∙  October 24, 2016

Vice/Broadly October 24, 2016

How an Extremist Anti-Abortion Protest Resulted in a Safe Haven for Women

In 2015, a radical anti-abortion group tried to establish a headquarters in a vacant house next door to the only remaining abortion clinic in Montgomery, Alabama. Their plan backfired—and the building is now a safe haven for patients and pro-choice activists. 

Texas Observer (Print) ∙  December 2018   The Investigative Fund

Texas Observer (Print)December 2018

The Investigative Fund

Expecting Care

How Texas is failing foster kids and contributing to an alarming teen pregnancy rate

Vice News  ∙ August 7, 2017

Vice News ∙ August 7, 2017

Meet the doctor who convinces women he can "reserve" abortions

George Delgado made his first attempt at reversing an abortion in 2009. He got a call from Terri Palmquist, a missionary at the evangelical group LifeSavers Ministries who ran in the same California anti-abortion circles he did. 

Cosmopolitan  ∙  June 26, 2017

Cosmopolitan June 26, 2017

She Told a Guy She Worked at an Abortion Clinic. On Their Next Date, He Raped Her.

Clinic Director Calla Hales was a victim of the extreme violence abortion providers face simply for doing their jobs and helping women.

The Guardian  ∙  November 9 2017   International Women's Media Foundation

The Guardian November 9 2017

International Women's Media Foundation

No school, no salary: the children tricked into domestic servitude in Zanzibar

Promised economic and educational opportunities her parents thought too good to refuse, Rose left home for Zanzibar. But a life of fear and exploitation awaited the 13-year-old – a fate that has become all too familiar to kids in the region.

Vice/Broadly  ∙  January 23, 2017

Vice/Broadly January 23, 2017

Wombs as Crime Scenes

What happens when pregnant women lose their civil rights

This month, Anna Yocca was released from jail, following over a year of incarceration. Though her case may seem extreme, it's really the most recent high-profile example of a troubling new trend.